Just the other side..
I know, when you read this, it?s all too late, but i want you to know, that life was much better with you. But sadly you couldn?t heal these deep wounds.
Now it?s clear for me that it would be all better, if I told you what had happened in my life before you were there for me.
There was a time full of tears and fears. People hunted me in my dreams and hurt my soul with there touches. I was too ashamed to tell anybody, but now it doesn?t matters anymore.
Cause now my life?s over like my innocence. And either it is their blame. All my silent screams faded away slowly.
Later, when the wounds at my arms began to heal, you showed me what life can mean.
For the first time it was beautiful, I couldn?t think that I would ever write that letter.
But later the years the past ran in my head and destroyed my mind.
It?s also too hart for me to look in the mirror, ?cause what I see are sad eyes that were helpless and ashamed of the fear.
I want you to tell it all, but I don?t want you to think about my problems.
Now with that last step in my life I surrender. Please, don?t feel alone. I?ll always be there for you. I love you.
1.2.06 20:18

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